Cat & Cow Cards

How it all began

It was luck that brought Cat and Megan together. Well, luck and the Boston Public school system. Cat and Megan first met as co-workers at a non-profit that partners with Boston Public schools.

After working together for a while, they eventually discovered that the other one  had amazing hidden talents. Megan is a gifted illustrator, and Cat draws incredible lettering that is itself an art form. Of course, these two skill sets complement each other very well when it comes to designing greeting cards – and thus the card making business ‘Cat & Cow’ was born.

How do you find the time?

The pair usually finish work around 3pm or 4pm, which gives them time to work on their cards. “We thought starting an Etsy business could be a productive, creative, fun, and potentially lucrative way to spend our free time.”

“Our company came about far quicker than either of us anticipated. Within a day of deciding to start our business, we had a concept, name, and logo!” explains Cat.

How did you decide on the name?

Cat & Cow is actually a combination of both their names. “I go by Cat, and Megan was affectionately nicknamed Meggie Moo Cow by her second grade teacher (her parents still call her Moo). Megan has a particular affinity for alliterations so that’s how we stumbled upon Cat & Cow.”

How long have you been doing this?

Megan and Cat have been practising their respective crafts since they were little. “Megan’s favorite creation is a life-size newspaper complete with articles detailing recent family events, and cartoon strips featuring her parents arguing over grocery lists. And I’ve spent years working on perfecting my handwriting and learning modern lettering.”

Both Cat and Megan have individually made custom cards for family and friends. However, they didn’t fully realize the potential of their craft until they met each other and formed Cat & Cow. Over time, their cards have evolved with their skills. But they feel comfortable that they’ve now found their artistic stride. You can discover more here about the cards that they create.


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