How Peony Soap Company Began

How it all began

Tired of the corporate grind, Nora decided to get back to making something. But then the obvious questions was: What should she make?

“I read a blog post on soap making and the rest is history,” says Nora.

The Peony Soap Company was born a year ago, and although soap making is a relatively new skill of Nora’s, the other technical skills involved have been finely honed over the course of many years. Nora is an arts graduate, which is clear in the cleverness of how she mixes color and texture in each of her designs.


What inspires your work?

“I’m inspired by nature and the great outdoors – living in Washington has really inspired me to get back to nature. This has helped me to explore my passion for beauty products because of all the plants, flowers, colors and textures I see on my hikes and beach trips.”

This inspiration is clear in many of her products, which incorporate bright splashes of natural items, such as rose petals or dried lavender, against neutral background colors .

Nora adds that she “loves making things with my hands. I have been making things for as long as I can remember, which was what lead me to attend art school.”


What is your favorite item?

Nora’s favorite soap is the same as mine: the brightly colored gemstone soaps.

“I love making them the most because of how unique and one-of-a-kind they become. It is so exciting to see the surprise of each soap as it is being crafted. Every gem soap is unique and can’t be reproduced.”


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