Meghan of Make and Stitch

Meghan has been embroidering for over 10 years, although she only picked it back up again in recent months. She decided to pick up her needle while on her summer break from work – and hasn’t put it down since.

“I felt like I just needed a creative outlet and a way to feel busy that was enjoyable. You can literally embroider anywhere!” But what started purely as a hobby, is now turning into a small business.

What kind of things do you make?

I do hand embroidery, typically housed in an embroidery hoop. I’ve been inspired to venture into hand embroidering clothing soon as well.

Why did you decide to start selling your products?

I saw an opportunity to apply to be a vendor at a local consignment shop that I regularly shopped at. Friends and family had been asking me to complete pieces for them as well so it seemed like the best next step was to also open an Etsy shop.

I also like having the ties to the consignment shop because it’s part of a really supportive and thriving local maker scene (in Lancaster, PA), and it keeps me accountable to always be making new pieces. I’m just really grateful for the embroidery community and inspired by it all the time!

How did you name your brand?

I started with Meghan Makes as a play on my name and because it wasn’t embroidery specific; I honestly enjoy any type of DIY (I am definitely that person that will be like “hmmm I can do that” instead of buying it). As I was going forward though I really fell into the embroidery because I loved the online community that exists. When I started selling in a local consignment boutique, I decided on Make & Stitch as I felt it was a more professional branding but still allows flexibility for me (I also enjoy doing macrame pieces!)


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