Mistress Grey

JJ began the Mistress Grey brand in late 2017, after taking a workshop with the Polly Collective, which taught her how to make her own clay jewellery.

“Well, technically I did the workshop twice. I got busy with work and kind of forgot everything after the first course. Sheree gave us each little packets of Fimo to take home and play with, but unfortunately my naughty little dogs got to them first. So two half-chewed Fimo packets were just kind of sitting in the study for about a year, until I decided to give it another go – this time with a friend.”

Mistress Grey jewellery is, however, completely unlike the beautiful pastels and carefully placed swiggles and spots that help characterise the Polly Collective brand.

“I absolutely LOVE the work she does, I do,” JJ says. “But I’m usually drawn to the most vibrant colours. And I guess another big difference is that I like to use paint where I can. I’m a painter and I enjoy adding a dash of paint here and there to different pieces.”

What’s behind the name?

“Pretty much all the good names were taken,” JJ laughs. “But I chose Mistress Grey because it had a kind of vintage-y vibe to it. My jewellery has a very modern aesthetic, but I think it works well on an ultra-feminine pin-up girl sort of outfit.

What makes Mistress Grey different?

“It was really important to me that I print or write a positive message on the back of each piece. It’s just one word – like kind, wise, fearless, etc. I worked as a volunteer counsellor years ago, and I was shocked by how rampant depression is. I think it’s just nice to have a little reminder with us that we’re awesome people.”



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