Hello Red Hen

Well hello right back at you, red hen.

Hello Red Hen is a new brand, having only been established in 2017, but it’s already making a mark. Owner Antoinette makes felt ball garlands, wall hangings, and mobiles.

Perhaps my favourite thing in store right now? The Christmas decorations. Normally I’m a sucker for something ultra sparkly. My yearly Christmas tree has accumulated more sparkle than a glitter factory. But I’d happily make an exception for Hello Red Hen decorations. These little felt balls just sing Christmas!


I also ADORE her twist on dream catchers. You see, I have a secret fascination with dream catchers. I don’t know what it is about them, they look so floaty, cool, and bohemian. I often find myself contemplating buying one. The only problem is, it would look weird anywhere in my house. Because I’m not cool and bohemian. It would just be weird and eventually I’d have to end up conceding that I just wasted like $60. But I digress.

Hello Red Hen absolutely nails the look. Her dream catchers – whether intentionally or not – have quite a strong Scandinavian feel. With their simple design, clean lines,  understated soft pastel colours, and felt texture, it has that ‘hygge’ feel to it. They nicely balances the tightrope line of being a cutesy showstopper item in your nursery, or a serious decor piece that you could hang in the study.

Or at least I think so. And at only $27.95 I can afford to find out if it is a good decor move.




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