Rock The Polka Dot

Rock the Polka Dot is a super catchy name with spotted earrings, necklaces and rings that will catch your eye just as easily.

The brand ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of people. Do you like the vintage vibe? Tick. Simplistic modern? Tick. A broad range of colours to match your wardrobe? Tick. Want to look 8 pounds lighter? Well tough, they’re just jewellery; not magic. But you will look awesome.

Rock The Polka Dot is just…well…clever. Don’t you love how, instead of making beads with dots all over them, they have just done a bead that’s one different colour (pic 1, above)? Like I say, very clever.

This style defiantly asks the age-old question – which I believe Socrates first posed: Can you wear too many polka dots? How much is just one spot too many? One of my good friends bought some Rock The Polka Dot pink glitter/spot earrings, and wore them with a black and white spotted dress. And honestly? She looked fantastic. And I can be honest, because I’m not having to face her right now and white lie my ass off. She looked like a gorgeous 1950s pin-up girl.

And it doesn’t matter if you don’t get paid until next week, you’ll still be able to afford Rock The Polka Dot earrings. Hell, even your niece will be able to afford these with her pocket money. Prices start from $13 and can be found here.



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