Resembles Me

Laura of Resembles Me is the artist behind this outstanding abstract art. Actually I first spotted her work when I was randomly scrolling through Instagram and quickly became so enthralled with each painting, that I knew I had to write about it.

And before you ask: “Ah, but what do you know about art?” Well, I’ll have you know that many years ago, I had a cranky high school art teacher who inexplicably hated me. But at the end of the year I got the top marks while her favourite student, Zoe, got one of the lowest marks. (I’m sure it’s purely coincidental that Zoe and I look similar and share the same surname.) And I feel that this little victory from 10+ years ago gives me the authority to talk about art.

And I like this. Wait, no, I love it. Laura’s paintings are brightly lit up like a mishmash of retro comic book colours. You could easily stare at the dream-like patterns and unapologetically bold colours for hours on end.

Laura is a self-described ‘survivor’ and lover of equality, who likes to tell stories with her brush. The medium she uses is acrylic paint and one of her specialties is to cleverly create a seamless flow of colours between two canvases. As she puts it: “simple, but elegant.”

Except that I know, from personal experience, that these are actually anything but simple to create.

So far Laura has created an extraordinary volume of original artworks, and yet each one tells its own unique story. And if you don’t have room in your house for another painting, then you could always buy one of her smaller pieces, a digital download, or a Christmas ornament. It’s clear that Laura is bursting with creative ideas, and with no signs of slowing down!


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