The Turquoise Life

You know that secret dream you have? Perhaps it’s to write a romance novel, or design a fashion label, or “accidentally” bump into Chris Hemsworth. Well, Kristy’s dream is to own a jewellery line and work from home. And, with the fantastic support of her work colleagues and family, she’s making it happen. Talk about smashing your 2017 New Year’s resolution, right?

I’d describe Kristy’s jewellery label, The Turquoise Life, as being “as cute as a button.” It includes a range of earrings made from fabric, polymer clay, and resin. Each set is attached to a little card that displays fun and inspirational quotes or pictures. When Kristy sells her earrings at the local markets, she notices people smile as they read the quotes, which is “the most beautiful thing.”

“I think jewellery is a great way to express yourself or show your individuality. When looking for fabrics I try to find unusual patterns or pops of colour. I’m also experimenting with resin, so eventually I’ll have very glittery studs too, which I’m excited about. Secretly I want to add glitter or sparkles to everything! But I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.”

And good news if you’re one of those people who loves buying craft jewellery, only to find it’s irritating your skin after a short while (yes, we know who we are). The earrings all have stainless steel backs, so they’re even great for sensitive ears.

Although The Turquoise Life is still new and growing, Kristy’s passion for jewellery design began at a young age.

I have always loved making my own jewellery, at a really young age I was obsessed with beads and spent hours and hours threading them. Somehow I even managed to get my beautiful Dad to drive me an hour to sell my creations at the markets. A few months ago someone introduced me to fabric earrings and suddenly I was hooked on making jewellery again. Also I finally had some spare time now that my son is 7, it’s been so great to get back to doing something I love.

You can purchase her earrings through The Turquoise Life Facebook or Instagram page.

Oh, and Kristy … if you ever get famous enough to meet Chris Hemsworth, please feel free to make my dream happen too and send him my way.




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