Cat & Cow

These cleverly illustrated cards are a million miles away from your granny’s old Hallmark ones. Although, I wouldn’t recommend giving this one to granny.


“Oh, it’s a picture of a banana? That’s nice, dear.”
“No grandma, it’s a banana hammock. BANANA HAMMOCK.”

Cat & Cow specialize in creating eye-catching, often humorous little cards that are a lot of fun to look through. You can kiss goodbye to a good 5 – 10 minutes of your life as you start scrolling through their absolutely mesmerizing Instagram and website.

The lettering on each card is as much an art as the illustration. Who wouldn’t love to receive one of these delightful little ‘punny’ cards on a special occasion?

How long does it takes you to get these visual puns?

Dr Pepper
Beat Boxer

Now, you might have noticed that the cards have a focus on fruit and vegetables. And no, that’s not a coincidence. Cat and Megan are the talented duo who work behind the scenes of Cat & Cow to create these little pun-masterpieces. Cat, who is the talented letterer, grew up vegetarian. Illustrator Megan wasn’t raised vegetarian, but she made the commitment to give up meat a few years ago.

“One of our first conversations revolved around vegetables! We also realized the enormous potential for food to be punny so when choosing a fun theme to get our business started, we logically landed on produce. We hope to introduce more designs holding true to this concept, then eventually create new categories that diversify our offerings but maintain the same light tone.”

(As a little side note: How many of you, like me, would’ve just gone straight to sexual innuendo vegetable jokes? Yeah. That’s why we don’t make cards.)

Between the visual gags, vegetarianism, and creating beautiful art, Cat & Cow rolls many of Cat and Megan’s passions into one cool, quirky little business. But while vegetable puns are a frequent inspiration for them, Cat and Megan actually create quite a range of cards to suit special occasions, and it’s not unusual for customers to get in touch for custom orders. “We can create almost anything as long as it involves ink and paper!”


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