Peony Soap Company

Peonies are Nora’s only memory of living in South Korea before being adopted and starting a new life in America.

“I always sang a song about them when I was a child,” explains Nora. “My dad would buy me a peony on my Gotcha Day, which is the day that you are adopted. Mine was 5th December, and every day on that year, he would buy me one as a reminder of where I came from. That’s why I named my company Peony Soap Company.”

The soaps that Nora produces are every bit as beautiful as the flower. She makes all natural soaps, body scrub cubes, bath bombs, whipped hand butter and skin balms, as well as custom creations for special occasions (like wedding favors and baby showers). My favorite item, hands down, are the gemstone soaps. They have all the bright turquoise and green colors of a peacock feather. And just like real gemstones, each soap is unique with its own intriguing characteristics.

The absolute care that goes into each batch of soaps is remarkable.

“All products are natural with no colorants or preservatives. Most are vegan friendly and I’m working on getting all organic ingredients, starting 2018. Plus every batch is created with a small batch to control quality and make sure that every product is the best quality possible.”

Peony soaps are an absolute work of art (which is hardly surprising, given that Nora is also an art grad)! So if you’re after a lovely little stocking stuffer for Christmas…or if you just harbour a secret desire to destroy a beautiful piece of art, then this is probably the cheapest way to do it.


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