1L Designs

My husband is an engineer. His life revolves around being practical. And he doesn’t really ‘get’ jewelry because it serves no practical purpose other than to dangle around one of my limbs and cost him money.

Well touché. Because 1L Designs jewelry is as much about practicality as it is about having something pretty to dangle. Alison, the founder of 1L Designs, sells essential oil diffuser jewelry made with gemstones and lava beads, to help with anxiety.

I’m not sure which oil you’d need when your boss is being a pain in the ass and you dinged someone’s car in the supermarket car park last night. I’m thinking lavender isn’t going to cut it on one of my bad days. But hey, I’m willing to give it a shot!



Alison is actually a licensed psychotherapist who works from a holistic approach, meaning that she incorporates multiple strategies to help mental illness, including the use of essential oils.

“I work specifically with women and children who experience high anxiety so I offer education on the oils that help with anxiety. I have used essential oils for years and wanted to figure out a way to keep the smell on me all day without having to keep putting it on my skin. That is how 1L Designs was born!”

And if you’re wondering why the name 1L Designs? Yeah, there’s a cute story behind that too. Alison, you might have noticed, spells her name with one ‘L’ – something that often gets confused. Since the spelling of her name is unique, just like her pieces, she decided that would make a great name for her business.

Alison began 1L Designs two years ago, and in that time she has come to understand that the pieces she makes “serve multiple purposes. One is to create a more balanced mind, body, and soul and another is to do this while being stylish,” says Alison. “All of my bracelets are made for the intended purpose to stack the bracelets, which is very in trend right now.”

So if you need to buy a Christmas present for someone who needs to chill the fuck out, then this is a particularly good (practical!) idea. Alison is able to make custom orders with requests for specific charms and charms with positive words on them.


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