The Candle Caffe

In 2015, Misty was a woman on a mission. She had been making 100% naturally-scented soy candles, and wanted to see if it could be turned into a viable business. Although it took a bit of experimenting, today her candles are selling well.

My candles are inspired by holistic products and natural remedies, as well as clean and fresh scents,” says Misty. “I feel happiest when my candles not only smell good, but make my customers feel good too.”

And what cosier feeling can you get than being in a cafe? Sitting in a comfy armchair while sipping on a frothy, milky, caffeine hit. Cafes are, by their very nature, places that people go to relax and unwind. And that’s the essence of what Misty’s products are all about. Her candles are something that will buy you hours of joy and serenity.

Personally, I think what makes The Candle Caffe really interesting is the range of scents. The current sell-out favourite is orange chili pepper, which has been known to stop passers-by in their tracks to find out what the scent is. There’s also lilac, french lavender, eucalyptus and spearmint, pumpkin crunch cake, and spiced cranberry, to name a few.

Then you get to the more complex candle creations, such as Dragon’s Blood. Dragon’s Blood is described as a “potent and earthy fragrance infused with cedarwood, orange, and patchouli.” And it’s at that point that I can, coincidentally, imagine a coffee connoisseur describing the complexities of a coffee flavour to me: “Ah yes, it has a robust body, bright acidity, crisp citrus notes, and a hint of Bergamot…” It all goes over my head, but I know it’s great.

The Candle Caffe also offers custom candles for special occasions, such as tea lights for a wedding or baby shower. And at the moment you can buy a special Christmas Eve candle, which is an enticing mixture of Scotch pine, fresh lime, cardamom, and pepper.


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