Make & Stitch

Embroidery hasn’t really been cool since Jane Austen was writing novels. But 200 years later it has become all the rage again. Just two years ago, you might have thought it was a lost art. But now people whose grandmothers taught them needlework have come out to let their hidden talents shine.

Embroidered hoop decorations are a popular buy for this year’s Christmas tree. Or you can order custom pieces to hang in the hallway or a nursery. You can even buy hoops that say things like “don’t fuck up.” I’m not sure where you’d put that, but I’m going to guess it’s not in the nursery.

Meghan of Make & Stitch is one of the stunning underground talents that has since surfaced on Instagram. She has been stitching on and off for about 10 years now. And yes, you really can buy a hoop from her that says “don’t fuck up.” Never have the words been quite as charming as when they’re written in cursive with DMC 3803 floss and a split stitch. Perhaps my favourite words of wisdom though are “Stay sexy. Don’t get murdered.” Fine words to live by.

Meghan says that her work is “eclectic for sure” and “typically inspired by pop culture, current events, politics and feminism.”

“Embroidery can be such a flexible medium and I love that I can be inspired by something that’s going on and have a finished piece in a few hours or days depending on the size and detail. I’m also inspired by color and love experimenting with color in more abstract or floral pieces. Sometimes just walking around a fabric store will be inspiring as well, where I see an interesting fabric that I think I can embellish in a cool way.”

Much of the embroidery work that Meghan does are custom orders for special occasions. But all of her work is made to order, so everything in her Etsy shop can be modified if you’re after something uniquely yours!


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